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VA Non Allowable Fees

Hi, it’s Jake Taylor with the Jake Taylor Team and I welcome to the VA Non Allowable fees section of our website where we want to help you better understand just what VA Non Allowable fees are, who can pay for them and most importantly, how to calculate the VA Not Allowable fees total on any given VA home loan transaction.

You see, one of the most costly mistakes that a lender can make for any veteran is miscalculating the VA Non Allowable fees. There are two distinct calculations that we use to calculate the VA Not Allowable Fees and costs on any given loan. However, oftentimes lenders utilize one calculation which results and giving the veteran and their realtor a much higher than necessary number when they make an offer on a property. And doing so can drastically reduce the chances of their offer being accepted.

So it’s critical that prior to writing an offer, a veteran and the real estate agent clearly understand what the VA Non Allowable fees total shouldn’t be on their offer and that will give them the best chance at getting their offer accepted. So I hope this website is helpful. However, there’s a lot of information when it comes down to VA, not allowable fees. And as always, the house team is here to help answer any questions at any time. So please feel free to email or call us with your questions and we’d be honored to help you.

Here’s the link to the Official VA Non Allowable Fee List, published by the VA.


Thank you for taking the time, and I hope this is helpful.  If you are interested in getting a quote for a VA loan in Arizona or need help calculating the VA Non Allowable Fees, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  I’m looking forward to helping in any way needed.   Thank you!