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VA Home Loan:  A Great Advantage For Veterans

VA Home Loan: A Great Advantage For Veterans

Anyone who has served in the United States armed forces or is currently serving there is brave and has put their life on the line for the love of their country. They have therefore earned respect, admiration, and some valuable benefits too. Veterans and military...

VA Streamline Refinance: A Quick Way To A Better Mortgage

VA Streamline Refinance: A Quick Way To A Better Mortgage

The VA streamline refinance, also known as Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL), is a simplified loan with relaxed requirements for veterans and service members. It is one of the best options for homeowners who have received a VA loan and would like to...

How To Pay Off Your Mortgage 4-12 Years Sooner

How To Pay Off Your Mortgage 4-12 Years Sooner

How To Pay Off Your MORTGAGE 4-12 Years Sooner Fields marked * are requiredHOW DOES INTEREST & MORTGAGES WORK?A lot of people aren’t fully aware, when paying a mortgage what percentage of that payment is actually going towards interest on the loan and what is going...


“Jake Taylor and his team at Pilot Mortgage are hands down the best! I have bought 7 houses and used big banks, and other mortgage brokers and they were ok at best. Jake’s customer service is on a whole different level. He takes time to explain the best options and ways to save money. I once received a call out of the blue from Jake and he explained how he could refinance my house and save me thousands of dollars. I have referred my Mom, dad, brother, and many close friends to Jake over the years and will continue to do so. I don’t even bother calling other companies anymore because I know Jake will get me the best rates possible. Thank you, Jake, for always looking out for me and my family.”

-Adam Miller

“Jake has been doing mortgages for the past 18 consecutive years, and what I have heard over and over from our friends who are repeat clients of his is that he knows the business better than anyone else. If there is a better program, more money to be saved, or a better rate available, Jake will know about it. His transactions close quickly and smoothly, and I have seen and heard him turn the most novice, anxious buyers into trusting and loyal clients who refer their own friends and family members. He earns everyone’s trust because he is honest and knowledgeable and there is simply no substitute for good character and decades of experience.”

-Elisa Starr Taylor

“Jake helped us improve our credit rating in a very short period of time to qualify for a better loan percentage rate. He reviewed all of our debt and created a plan for us to pay down certain debt in order to raise our FICO score. By just paying down a couple of debts to lower our debt ratio, our FICO score improved significantly. We are on our way to buying a new home.”

-Daniel Magallanes

“I highly recommend Jake he made my refinancing so easy and fast in less than 30 days I’m now waiting for my close date. He always answered my texts and questions right away which was super important to me to receive answers timely since customer service is so important to me. Very happy customer!!”

-Debbie Ashton


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