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Whether or not you agree with taxes and how to pay them. one thing’s for sure:  property taxes in Arcadia have jumped  BIGTIME over the past two years.

Arizona has one of the most complex property tax law formula in the US.  Your current tax rate is based on the limited value rate from 18 months in the past.  This lag time was put into place to give Arizona home owners time enough to appeal if they disputed their home’s value.   Reform efforts have been introduced to simplify the otherwise complex tax law.

Due to Prop 117 passed by Arizona voters in 2012, a 5% increase to limited property value was put into place to help stave off the tax wolves from devouring Arcadia Phoenix Property owners’ hard earned home equity.  

That’s not to say, however, that yourArcadia Phoenix Property Taxes are  lmited to a 5% increase per year, as depening on where your home is located, school, firefighter, police or water districts could impose , or vote to impose, further increases to your Arcadia Phoenix property taxes.

The good news, though, is that Arizona is ranked amoung the lowest cost property tax states in the US, coming in around the 40th spot year after year.  No to mention that if you escrow your taxes with y our mortgage payment, your bank helps to lessen the blow when it comes to property tax increases as you typically will absorb the increase over the next 6- 12 payments to your lender.  Sort of like how a frog becomes climatized to the ever-more boiling pot it is swimming in until at last…….. devaluation?  

Who knows for sure, time will tell.  But meanwhile, the number you may wish to focus on is the full cash bvalue of your home, which has been kind this year.

Arcadia Phoenix Property Taxes Search Tool

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Searching Help – Arcadia Phoenix Property Taxes Search Tool

The Maricopa County Assessor’s Website features an advanced, single line search engine to assist you in quickly finding what you are searching for. Using natural language queries, you can now quickly find what it is you are looking for. Our search engine will intelligently try to determine what you are searching for and return relevant results. The more information you can provide in your query, the better.

For instance, to find a parcel owned by John Doe who lives in Phoenix on Thomas Ave, you could simply type in John Doe in Phoenix on Thomas Ave or an address like 301 W. Jefferson St. Even if you aren’t sure of the actual street or city the parcel resides on (or in), you could just simply type in the owner’s name or the owner’s name and street name. The engine will usually figure out what you are asking for without any additional effort on your part and without having to use any of the advanced search features.

Below are some tips to assist you in finding what you are looking for.

  • To find any parcel, just type in the parcel (apn) number. Any format works. For instance, [book]-[map]-[parcel][split] will work with any characters (or no characters) in between the items.
    • 111-11-111-A
    • 111.11.111.a
    • 11111111
    • 11111111a
  • To search by owner name, you can simply type in the owner’s name.
  • To search by address, enter in an address in a standard “address” format. What we define as a standard format is [number] [street pre direction] [street name] [street type] [city], AZ [zip code]. You can omit city, state and zip code from queries.
    • 123 E Main St.
    • 123 East Main Street
    • 123 E. Main St. Phoenix
    • 123 Southeast Main Street Phoenix
    • 123 Main St 85001
  • To search for parcels within a subdivision, simply type in the subdivision name. You can also view all parcels within a subdivision by clicking on the subdivision name in the search results or parcel details.
  • To search for parcels within a MCR, follow the same instructions as for a subdivision. If you know the MCR number, just enter it in. You can also view all parcels within a MCR number by clicking on the MCR number link in the search results or parcel details.
  • To search for parcels within a city or zip code, use the format “cityname” [city name] or “zip” [zip code].
    • cityname Phoenix
    • zip 85003
  • To search for parcels within a section, township, and range, use the format [section-township-range]. Like a targeted parcel search, you can use any separator character you wish. The only requirement for this targeted search is that all three items; section, township and range must be present in the query.
  • To search for a business name or account number (for personal property searches), you can type in a business (account) name, address, account/roll number, multiple number, or lease number.
  • To search for mobile homes, simply type in an owner name, address, account number or a VIN.