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Jake is a friendly, local father of four and US Army Veteran. He is an ASU graduate and has been working 18 years experience as a mortgage professional. Jake is dedicated to providing you with the fastest and most cost effective mortgage experience without compromising on quality of service or communication.

If you’re like most people, the thought of shopping for a mortgage makes you cringe, like the sound of a dentists drill on tooth enamel.

In fact, taking out a mortgage ranks close on the same stress list as getting a divorce and suffering a medical condition. You would likely prefer a root canal to spending hours on end with loan officers, submitting the needed paperwork to get just one loan quote, let alone multiple loan quotes.

The simple truth is that shopping for a mortgage can be a simple and empowering process.

That is if you choose the correct starting point.

Once you understand the key variables in mortgage shopping, mortgage shopping becomes much more satisfying.

And once you understand that mortgage companies vary by thousands of dollars from one to the next, then it’s fun to find out how much you can actually save, and know that you’ve received an honest and reliable option.

No guessing, no wondering!

I recommend starting the loan shopping process here as well as getting at least one other quote from one of my competitors.

After all, you can’t know how much you’ve saved unless you have compared a few quotes. Once we help you see the bigger picture, it’ll easier for you to read your bottom line savings, or costs, as you choose to proceed.

You are now in control. I simply assist in uniting you, the savvy (or soon to be savvy) home loan shopper, together with these mortgage options under one roof at Pilot Mortgage, LLC .

I’ve been shopping with and for my customers home loans for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve created a custom tailored process that employs state of the art technology, mortgage market insights and the intuition I’ve gained through a successful career as a mortgage broker and loan officer.

My team and I serve as a medium for home loan shoppers who want to know they are being represented by a professional, someone who has their finger on the pulse of the mortgage market, and uses that advantage in favor of them, or you.

Can we help you meet these same goals that we strive to meet for every single person we serve? Other than practicing ethics in my business, your bottom line cost is my number one priority. Because your financial stability matters most.

Jake Taylor

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