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Shop Arizona Mortgage Rates with Jake Taylor

May I help you shop Arizona mortgage rates? Please use my rate shopping tool to the right as you shop for Arizona mortgage rates. As a loan officer, other than maintaining integrity in my business practice, I have one priority and that is to provide the lowest rates and fees to home buyers in Arizona. As a true discount broker, there are no levels of “white collar” management between me and the investors I represent. Please fill out the form to the right to gain access to real time, live rates, fresh from Wall Street. I understand that the purchase of a home is one of the single most important financial transactions in our lives. As you decide which company to work with, considering the bottom line numbers should be one of, if not the top, priority. You deserve the chance to speak with a loan professional who strives to be the best priced provide of mortgages. Make no mistake about it, mortgages are commodities. In a continually changing mortgage industry and real estate market, you need an experienced mortgage industry expert who shares your goal of obtaining the lowest interest rate and fee combination for your home loan. I pride myself in being a home loan professional in whom you can trust to assist you in making the best home financing decisions for yourself and your loved ones. 

My 12 years of mortgage experience allows me to provide my clients with the most relevant information to make the most ideal financing choice for themselves.  As you shop for the lowest rate and fees for your Arizona home loan, my service-driven team will ensure that you are given the peace of mind that you deserve, not only at closing, but throughout the entire transaction.  My cutting-edge industry knowledge and market-leading solutions and tools will ensure that my clients are getting the most competitve mortage rates available in Arizona.  These are business principles to which I can commit.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, purchasing your dream home, refinancing an outstanding loan, or consolidating debt, shopping for the best rate and fees can be a hassle. Please call me as you are shopping for Arizona mortgage rates. Please allow me and my highly experienced team of mortgage professionals the opportunity to assist you with fulfilling mortgage needs by acheiving your home financing goals.  I will be with you each time your life necessitates a home mortgage financing change.  My ultimate goal is to create lasting relationships with each of my clients so as to continue providing excellent service for many years to come.

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  • Jake is a phenomenal guy with a beautiful family. He is honest, professional and he will go the extra mile to help you. He is also a great listener, is knowledgeable and very creative. I have recommended him to all my friends and clients, and they all loved the experience. Thanks Jake for all you do!!!

    Gunther Perdomo

  • Jake has proven to be a great resource and can be counted on to put an immense effort behind every client he works with. He has a vast knowledge base and knows where and how to get answers. He handles clients well even in stressful situations. He is honest and will always give you strait answers and results.

    Russel Gould

  • Jacob has always been on the cutting edge of the mortgage industry. I enjoyed working with Jacob as he is very trustworthy and easy to work with. Jacob is a win-win type of business partner.

    Louis Zitting

  • Jacob is an absolute visionary. He is extremely trustworthy and dependable. He is capable of accomplishing extraordinary tasks and is not afraid to take on the impossible. He is a man of his word and does what he says he will do. It is an honor to be able to recommend him on this level.

    Jay Erickson

  • Jacob Taylor is one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at LendSmart. Jacob Taylor is a brilliant Senior Loan Officer, has no problem to work hard when necessary. Independent team player. Precise perfectionist. I can highly recommend working with him. When you get to connect with him, you'll discover an amazing person with unique skills!

    Cari Pinc

  • My husband and I were referred to Jake by our trusted friend and State Farm agent a few years ago. We had high expectations then, but we can honestly say that Jake exceeded those expectations. We were very pleasantly surprised to find that Jake was the lowest priced lender out of them all, after we had done extensive research. Jake provided phenomenal customer service, and we we felt that we were in great hands from the first meeting to closing. Jake made us feel like we were his only customer. He is a man of integrity and high values. We will continue to refer our future home financing business to him, as well as proudly refer him to our friends and family.

    Dr. Joseph & Luisa Gutierrez

  • Jake Taylor made what could have been a complicated process very easy and straight forward. He explained our options and walked us through what was required to get a great rate.

    Wayne & Sandra Crandall

  • About a year ago, Jake and his staff helped me meet the closing date that I needed to move into my new home. I was so amazed how fast they were able to follow up on things to make this possible. I am so happy that they were able to find me an interest rate on my loan that I was able to afford. If at any time, any of my family or friends needs a lender, I would recommend Jake. Jake, thanks again for your outstanding service.

    Minerva Lozano

  • A friend of mine referred me to Jacob Taylor in October, 2010. I had already spoken with several other mortgage brokers and the financial institution that was holding my existing mortgage about refinancing my home. None of these people were able to offer me an interest rate that would warrant refinancing and I basically gave up on the idea, until I called Jacob. He was very enthusiastic, professional, and didn’t waste any time. Almost immediately, he told me that he could lower my current interest rate from 5.5% to 4.25% and save me approximately $100.00 a month. When I actually received my first statement, the monthly savings was closer to $150.00 a month. That’s a huge savings and I am extremely happy! Because of the excellent service I received from Jacob, I have referred several friends to him and will continue to do so. Thank you!!!

    L. Shanahan

  • Dealing with Jacob Taylor and his staff was a real pleasure. They are extremely knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile! With so many companies out there, it's easy to get confused and end up with the wrong type of loan. Our refinancing was a breeze and extremely easy. I highly recommend Jake Taylor to anyone who wants to refinance their home.

    Debbie and Laryel M.

  • My wife and I recently refinanced our home with Jacob Taylor from My City Lender. While this process can be very stressful and confusing at times, Jacob made the process very easy. He returned our phone calls in a timely fashion and spent as much time as needed to explain any questions we had. We closed on our loan quickly and more importantly, the fees we paid at closing were the same as the fees we were quoted. There was no bait and switch regarding fees or interest rates. In addition, the fees we paid were some of the lowest we were quoted from several lenders. This was a welcome change after a very bad experience from a different mortgage broker. I would recommend Jacob and his team to anyone considering a real estate purchase or refinance.

    Gary and Anna E

  • As a first-time homebuyer, I am so grateful that a friend referred me to Jake and his team to broker my mortgage. They were incredibly patient and helpful with my far-from-perfect credit history, and his entire team went above and beyond to make sure I got the house I wanted. They worked with me for over a year to correct some past credit issues that were keeping me from home ownership. In fact, without Jake and the professionals on his team, I don't think I would have been able to realize the dream of home ownership at all. I had heard from friends and co-workers than short sales are notoriously tricky to close, and on top of my unique credit problems, I somehow managed to make things even more difficult. I had planned a cruise, my first cruise ever, for the last week in January, and paid for it in full six months prior to the sail date. When my original close date for the house was delayed, Murphy's Law kicked in and my close date was scheduled to - you guessed it - the last week in January. I was ready to walk away from this cruise I'd already paid for and was looking forward to, because getting a house meant more than anything to me. But Jake and his team came up with a great, unique solution that allowed me to meet both goals of going on my first cruise and purchasing my first home: Jake's team arranged for a mobile notary to travel from San Diego to meet me while on my cruise so I could go on the trip AND get the home I'd wanted for so long. I ended up signing my documents in the port at Catalina Island! I took a boat to the island, signed the documents, went shopping and had a wonderful lunch, then caught a boat back to the ship. Getting a new home is truly the sweetest vacation memory I've ever had. I can honestly say Jake put me first every step of the way, for over a year. He and his team went above and beyond, and I look forward to the years I will spend in my new home.

    Veronica Archer

  • In 2010, my husband and I were looking to expand our family which included the need for a larger home. We met Jake, and he did an amazing job to help us through the entire process. Jake took time to make us feel comfortable with all the choices we were making as well as to answer any and all of our questions. He responded promptly through email as well as by telephone. Jake was in full communication with me through the entire process. In late 2012, we worked with Jake on a refinance as well as the sale of a home. He again answered all of our questions with ease. There was a problem with the sale on our property, and Jake called me from his home at 8pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving because he could tell I was anxious about the situation. He calmed all my fears and once again helped us through the whole process, which ended up to be a successful home sale. Everyone I speak with that is looking into buying a home or refinance, I make sure to send them straight to Jake. I had a friend mention to me in the grocery store that she was able to purchase a home after calling Jake and that she also felt so grateful for all of the effort he put in to helping her family. We will be using Jake for all of our home purchasing and refinancing needs in the future.

    Larissa McLemore